We’re closing in on the new year. You’re probably really excited for the fresh start that’s about to happen and the new goals you’ve set to accomplish. You’re excited because things are going to be “different” this year. It’s the year of the new “you”. This is the year it’s finally going to happen. It’s your time.

Well, I have some unfortunate news.

Everyone thinks this.

And the reality is, most people fall back into their traditional ways, or simply give up because things are getting hard, and never see the new “them” come into fruition. They think motivation is going to get them to where they want to go.

Don’t be like everyone else.

It’s definitely not a bad thing whatsoever to be excited about the new year. It really is the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a clean slate. Blue skies. A clear runway.

You have to understand, however, that nothing changes if nothing changes. And we all know by know that change is uncomfortable. This is why most people don’t actually become the new “them”, because they just think that magically, the fact that it’s a new year means what they’ve been doing will still get them to their goals. It won’t.

You have to change, or nothing in your life will change.

Setting a goal and getting motivated isn’t going to create the reality you want. Discipline, consistency, persistence, and passion will, though. But most people lack these intangibles. A new year doesn’t mean they magically get blessed with them.

Whether it’s 2023 or 2024, the same rules apply. The motivation will go away eventually. The fundamentals are still what are going to get you to where you want to be. Showing up every day regardless of how you feel. Working through the inevitable challenges that will arise. Working hard and smart. Staying focused. It’s not pretty. It’s not what sells. But it’s the truth.

Again, don’t be like everyone else. Commit to what you want, and do not accept anything less than the full achievement of that goal. Do not break the word you have with yourself. If you get knocked off course early on, get the fuck back on. It happens. It’s supposed to. The pursuit isn’t easy. It’s going to test your will far more than what you’re comfortable with. Accept and embrace it. And let that fuel you to overcome it.

When you wear the Dagger, you’re representing a way of life. You represent the values of pursuing your potential, doing your best every day, being intentional with your word and actions, amongst many more. We are not the types to set goals and then quit when the going gets tough. We are not the types who talk about what we’re going to do but never actually do it. We are not like the average person. So quit acting like one.

2024 can be your year. But it’s on you. It’s on you to do what needs to be done to become the new “you”. It’s not just gonna happen. Decide what needs to be done, commit to it, and execute. It won’t be easy, but it’s really that simple.

You’re different. It really is your year if you decide you’re willing to do what it takes for it to be.

Now get after it.

- Derek

December 27, 2023 — Derek Slack

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