When we have a goal or vision for our future, it can be extremely discouraging to think about how long, or much will be required, in order to get there. 

We see ourselves at the bottom of a huge mountain, and we know the path up that mountain is long, gruesome, and filled with things trying to prevent us from continuing.



We have to change the way we think about the goal. We have to knock it down to size. The only way to get there is to focus on each step. If we focus on how much farther we have, the millions of steps we need to take, we’ll get so discouraged that we’ll quit. 

The key to getting there is consistency. Those small steps, one after the other. That, translated to real life, is winning each day, one after the other. 

We can’t think about how long it’ll take us to lose the 40 pounds, to save up the money to buy a house, or whatever the goal is.

We have to focus on what we can do every single day that will get us closer and closer.

For the weight loss goal, it comes down to eating what we need to eat every day, and doing the workout we need to do every day. That’s it. You do that enough times, you’ll get there.

Yes, some adjustments may need to be made. We might have to lower the calories. Increse the cardio. We might plateau for 2 weeks.

All that matters is we’re doing what’s required on a daily basis. 



Again - if you win enough days in a row, you win the week. If you win a few weeks in a row, you win the month. You win enough months in a row, you win the year. And so on. Then you’re the definition of a winner. And you’ll have no problem accomplishing your goals.

If you screw up a day, who cares. Get right back on. Screw up a few days in a row? Get right back on. This is where you need to stay disciplined.

Create a daily plan for your goal. You can write how long you expect it to take, but don’t worry about it after that. Just do what you need to do every day, and you’ll arrive. It’s that simple.


You accomplish the goal, achieve the dream, and win in life, by Winning the Day.

January 25, 2024 — Derek Slack

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