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An IFBB Bikini Pro competitor who is now attending nursing school. Sylvanna’s journey has been one of adaption and determination. She has faced a lot of hardships from overcoming mental health issues that caused her to be in multiple rehabilitation and outpatient centers. Through this she has learned to become mentally strong, adaptive, and determined to persevere in all aspects of her life to not only better herself but to give back by being a nurse to help better others lives. Through being a personal trainer, professional bodybuilder, and attending nursing school she has been able to not only help herself grow but help others reach their goals. Through this she’s able to be a positive role model to help inspire others by showing you need to grow comfortable being uncomfortable to succeed and prosper in life. She is working on her degree to be a nurse in a psychiatric unit and to prove your past doesn’t define who you are. A healthy mindset and the want to be a better you will move you forward onto the path you deserve to live.

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

Current location: Tempe, Arizona

Significant Accomplishments: Obtaining IFBB Pro card within 4 shows and two total years of competing, acceptance into nursing school, sponsored athlete, and personal trainer to competitors.

Hobbies/ Interests: Bodybuilding, hiking, attending nursing extracurriculars, spending quality time with family

Goals: Graduate nursing school, qualify for the Olympia, continue to grow my mindset to help guide others through hardships

Best advice: Grow comfortable being uncomfortable to grow as a person


Instagram: @bells_ifbbpro