Kendall has been involved in the fitness industry for as long as she can remember, doing sports since she could walk and competing in bodybuilding since the age of 16. She’s now a nationally qualified NPC wellness competitor and multi brand owner. Her main focus with her platforms is to shed light on mental health just as much as physical. She uses her instagram and podcast as a outlet of documentation and vulnerability in hopes of inspiring her viewers to keep pushing.

Hometown: Cornwall, NY

Current Location: Austin, TX

Career: Business owner, Photographer, Podcast host, and Social media influencer

Significant Accomplishments: Publication in Seventeen magazine, Nationally qualifying npc competitor, Sponsored athlete.

Hobbies/Interests: Art! (Drawing, Photography, Design), hiking , and traveling.

Goals: Just to be and spread positivity. If I can even inspire one person to take a positive step in their mental or physical health journey.

Best piece of advice: You’re more powerful than you think.


Instagram: @Kendallaaliyahh

TikTok: @Kendallaaliyahh