A United States Air Force Veteran & Colorado Native. Antwan has become the athlete he is today through his upbringing in multiple sports, competing at the state level in highschool, being the USAF Spec Ops Physical Training Leader, and playing semi-pro football in the UK. Education has been a focal point of his since his seperation of the military achieving 3 separate degrees and earning his personal training cert w/ ACE. Along his journey he has established himself as a fitness professional, serving value to many through his social platforms, a multi published model, and a full time fitness coach all while chasing his aspiration of becoming an IFBB Pro in the sport of Bodybuilding. He has set himself to be a savage and a servant, a leader through work ethic and educating/helping those in need at the same time.

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Career: Business Analyst

Significant Accomplishments: U.S. Air Force Veteran, BS in Information Systems, AA in Information Management, AS in Multimedia Design, Published Model, Sponsored Athlete, 100k+ Following on Instagram, 6x 1st place medalist in Men's Physique, 2x overall champion in Men's Physique.

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, Gaming, Traveling, Anime, Drawing/Designing, Photography/Videography, Chilling w/ my dogs.

Goals: Establish his presence on all social platforms, Become an IFBB Pro, Solidify his own business, Create things people can take value from.

Best Piece of Advice: Eliminate the question "What If?" from your vocabulary, and never give yourself the opportunity to ask yourself that.


Instagram: @antwan.rar

YouTube: @Antwan Rarcus

TikTok: @antwan.rar