Staples was created to serve as the foundational wardrobe - a minimally designed collection that provides a base for building fits and allows for versatile mixing and matching. Items that are timeless and wearable for any occasion, whether it's a lift, a casual day out, or a formal event.

In life, it's the basics that provide us with a strong foundation to build upon. Without a solid grasp of fundamental principles, it becomes difficult to navigate the complexities of the world. No amount of skill or work can replace a lack of essential fundamentals like discipline, consistency, and persistence.

The same can be said for fashion - a wardrobe built on a foundation of classic, versatile pieces allows us to easily and confidently navigate ever-changing trends and styles.

The Staples Collection embodies the importance of mastering the basics in both life and style. Each piece is designed to be a timeless classic that provides an array of fit options. It’s a testament to the importance of acknowledging and cherishing our roots, for it’s only when we are grounded in our own essence that we can truly rise to our greatest potential.