A content creator who has modeled for some of the biggest sports brands in the world (Nike,Adidas, Jordan Brand). Who has become a social media influencer by instilling his views, morals, and values to his audience and building relationships from all over the world. Terrell has devoted himself to his craft since 2018 by starting multiple clothing brands and pursuing different entrepreneurial ventures. He has been an athlete all of his life so by default he has dedicated himself to becoming the best version of him self both physically and mentally. Through social media he has been able to shares his passions to the world and motivate others to get in the gym and live a fit lifestyle.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ

Career: Content Coordinator @ironwilled /Content creator

Significant Accomplishments: Former Nike/Adidas/Jordan Model, Collegiate basketball player, 100K+ on TikTok

Hobbies/interest: Photography, Videography, Apparel Design, Training, Motivational speaking

Goals: take all of my social media platforms to 100K+, Build iron willed to and 8 figure company

Best piece of advice; “ Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes”


Instagram: @realtwco