Meet Savannah, a well-rounded individual with a love for fitness and a passion for making a positive impact in people's lives. As an IFBB bikini pro, Savannah achieved her professional status last year by taking the overall title at the prestigious USA Championships, earning the coveted title of Miss Bikini USA. With her unwavering dedication and hard work, Savannah has become an inspiration to many in the fitness community. She has a sweet tooth for cookies and all things sugary, which serves as a testament to her balanced approach to life.
When she's not training or competing, Savannah is a special education teacher who finds joy in helping individuals who need extra support. Her empathetic and compassionate nature extends beyond the classroom and into her personal life, as she is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Savannah's passion for fitness and her desire to make a positive impact in people's lives make her an extraordinary individual who continues to inspire others with her achievements and kindness.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Current Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Career: Special Education Teacher, Cross Country Coach, Personal Trainer

Significant Accomplishments: IFBB Bikini Pro, Miss Bikini USA 2022, Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Minor in Social Justice

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, taste testing cookies, baking, traveling, reading, sleeping, spending time with family & friends

Goals: qualify for the Olympia, get my graduate degree, expand my coaching business, make a positive impact on those around me

Best Piece of Advice: FIND JOY IN THE JOURNEY


Instagram: @_savannah_joy
TikTok: @_savannah_joy