Dre is an avid bodybuilder/fitness influencer with a passion for health and wellness. Dre has been active and athletic from a young age. Growing up, he has played many different sports, his favorites being Baseball and running Track. He was known to have broken high school track and field records, participated in state championships, and was selected to play for various different traveling baseball organizations throughout Arizona. He is known for his positive attitude and bringing motivating energy everywhere he goes. He loves his followers as they show immense love and support and often turn to him for advice and inspiration. After graduating college in 2016 with a Justice Degree, he then decided to pursue the sport of bodybuilding and become a fitness coach full time, which would then forever changing his life and passion. After a few years of consistency and progression, be became more knowledgeable with bodybuilding and coaching. After competing in multiple shows and transforming a significant number of clients he then knew what his purpose was. Dre is now on the path to becoming an IFBB Pro, taking on both Men’s Physique and Classic Physique categories. 

Hometown: Yuma, AZ.

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ.

Career: Head of Customer Service for THEIRONWILLED / Online Fitness Coach

Significant Accomplishments: Bachelor’s Degree (Criminal Justice), Sponsored Athlete

Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, Hunting, Bodybuilding, Hiking, Camping, Snowboarding, Dancing

Goals: One of my personal goals is to earn my IFBB Pro card someday. Since I started my bodybuilding journey back in 2016 I have dreamt of not only earning my pro card, but to also compete amongst the best of the best on the biggest stage of them all, the Mr. Olympia.

Best piece of advice: Your life is ultimately created and determined by the choices you make. Choose wisely where you put your focus, discipline, and energy towards. Where you put your focus towards is what you then start to build upon.


Instagram: @dreharper_