Cole is a full-time college student and full-time bodybuilder. When he isn’t in class or studying
his time is fully dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding. Raised by a family of athletes and
bodybuilders, it has always been in his blood to be something in bodybuilding. Although he
wasn’t always the biggest or strongest kid growing up, the tireless amount of work and
dedication put into sculpting and polishing his physique opened doorways for him that he never
even thought were possible. He attributes much of his success to being disciplined and having a
strong work ethic. Cole says “The key to being successful is not to be the most talented one in
the room, rather be the hardest working in the room.” Cole believes he’s truly not talented or
naturally gifted at just about anything, but he’s simply found success because he puts his head
down and is willing to do whatever it takes to outwork the competition. His goal is now to inspire thousands of others through his social media platforms to join the world of fitness and hopefully one day get his IFBB pro card.

Hometown: Yuma, Az

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ

Career: Student

Significant Accomplishments: 3 time Deans list recipient, 18k+ following on Instagram

Goals: Graduate from Arizona state university, Continue to grow my social media platforms
and inspire others, Become an IFBB pro, Motivate others to better themselves physically and
mentally on a daily basis.

Best Piece of Advice: Be undeniable.


Instagram: @Cole.gutierrez21