Cody Nery A Father, a US Army Infantry Veteran, Owner Of Team Limitless Inc, and most important a man who lives and breaths to be better and do better for not only himself but for his family and those who believe in him. Cody is someone who has loyalty rooted in him, someone who you can trust and believe in all ways, someone who shows up and does right, someone who’s passion is to grow others to reach a point they never imagined they could. Cody is a leader by nature and it shows through his work and everyday life. Cody is who he is today because of who he wishes to never become.

Hometown: Carmel, NY

Current Location: Wappingers Falls, NY Career: Owner Of Limitless Physiques Inc. 

Significant Accomplishments: US Army Infantry Veteran, Owner Of Limitless Physiques, Lead Sponsor To The NPC Northeast, The Iron Willed Athlete. 

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, Expanding Knowledge, Traveling, Coaching.

Goals: To be recognized as a top level coach within the industry, to have Professionals in the Arnold and the Olympia. Limitless Physiques Inc will be a nationwide name within Bodybuilding. He will strive to be an outstanding father to his children and a loving man to his woman always. Finally for himself Cody will be an IFBB Pro within the Classic Physique Division and a man who will be remembered for not what he did but for what he did for others.

Best Piece Of Advice: Do what makes you happy, you have one life.