Currently 22 years old, and it has been five years since he found his passion for bodybuilding due to an ongoing struggle with obesity prior. Cody stumbled into social media and bodybuilding once he fell in love with the process. His story has been filled with its fair share of self-doubt and hard times, but he says that he wouldn’t change a thing about it. Through the negativity and challenges he has continued to find his way out of every situation with more confidence and knowledge than before. Cody is currently working day in and day out to fulfill his dream of becoming an IFBB Pro Classic Physique Competitor, while documenting the full journey to further his reach across social media.

Hometown: Carrollton, Ga

Current Location: Carrollton, Ga

Career: Content Creator/Coach

Significant Accomplishments: Bachelor's Degree in Health and Wellness, Sponsored Athlete, many more to come.

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, traveling, trying new foods, anything outdoors, volunteering for special needs activities.

Goals: Compete at a very high pro level, continue to grow my socials to continue to inspire more and more people, and build a career around the things I love.

Best Piece of Advice: In a world full of people that will doubt you, be the one person that doesnt. 


Instagram: @codyburson_