A U.S. Marine Corps veteran who has since become a bodybuilder and social media influencer, Adonis' journey has been one of perseverance and dedication. Facing immense mental health battles from his various military and life experiences, he's worked tirelessly to achieve his goals despite the challenges he's faced. Through his social media platform, Adonis has been able to share his story of overcoming these struggles and inspire thousands of others to do the same. He's now striving to grow his platform and community, and become an IFBB Pro Men's Physique bodybuilder.

Hometown: Utica, NY

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ

Career: Content Creator/Influencer

Significant Accomplishments: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Bachelor's Degree, Sponsored Athlete, 100k+ following on Instagram and TikTok.

Hobbies/Interests: Bodybuilding, Gaming, Traveling, Photography/Videography, Snowboarding.

Goals: Continue to grow my social media to new heights and make a name for myself.

Best Piece of Advice: Consistency is key in everything that you wish to do.


Instagram: @thatadonis

YouTube: Adonis Grahovic

TikTok: @thatadonis