What's up gang, Derek here. Getting some thoughts out for this week's Blueprint to Better. Hope you enjoy.

I made a mistake early on that thankfully was very early before it affected the brand too negatively that I now see in so many of you guys. When you first start pursuing something, whether it's building a company, a personal brand, getting a specific degree, etc, it's easy to maintain the focus on that thing, because you're motivated. However, there's an inevitable point where the motivation goes away because things start to get uncomfortably hard, and you start to question whether it's worth it. The results aren't happening as fast as you thought they would. You're realizing it's going to take much more than what you originally expected. Some obstacles have come up that have thrown you off track.

Around this time, other "opportunities" (distractions) arise, that cause you to further contemplate things. This is your first true test on your pursuit, and it's where most people take theirs to the graveyard. However, it's not the last of this type of test either. The further along you go and the more progress you make, the bigger and more enticing these new "opportunities" become. 

You must stay the course when distractions and obstacles arise. If you truly want something bad enough, you will. The ones that fail these tests are either the ones that aren't in it for the right reasons, or are too weak-minded to make their dreams actually happen. The tests are inevitable, and are there to see if you're truly worthy of the next level of the pursuit you're on. And it's crucial to remember that on the other side of each of these tests, is the next level.

So the next time you see something that entices you, try to have the awareness that you're being tested. This new thing is likely just put in front of you to try and take you from what you truly want to accomplish, so eliminate it as soon as possible.

Feed your focus. Starve out everything else. Don't let anything come in between you and your mission.

Have a great week, and again, stay fucking focused.

October 23, 2023 — Derek Slack

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