At every level of your pursuit, distractions are going to present themselves. This is never more prevalent than at the beginning. You started a business you've always wanted to own. You spend a few weeks working on it, building it, and then all of a sudden, a new opportunity comes up that seems enticing. Maybe you got offered a pretty good job. Maybe someone told you about day-trading and how much money you could make. In the midst of this, you're realizing that starting a business isn't easy. It's not going how you expected it to go. Obstacles have come up that drowned out your original excitement. You start to think "maybe, it's not for me". 

This is where most people fail. Distractions are inevitable, and the way I see it, they're simply tests to see how focused you are. You can do anything you want, but you can't do everything. 

Those focused and committed to one thing are the ones that succeed. Think about it. You only have a limited supply of energy to devote towards your work, career, or pursuit. Think about the difference between devoting 100% to one thing, or 50% to two things each. How much faster would you progress in the one thing? Think about that over the course of a year. Imagine adding another "thing" - 33% effort towards three different things. Guess what, the ones dedicating 100% of themselves to the one thing are gonna blow right past you and actually make it happen while you sit there and keep hopping back and forth between other "opportunities". 

Further along on your journey, similar things happen. Let's say you focused on the business for three years and it's going great. A friend calls you with a seemingly-amazing opportunity that you feel stupid not to take. "It won't take up that much time man, all you have to do is x,y,z". 


Well guess what, x,y,z is distracting you from your business, which most likely needs you now just as much as it needed you at the beginning. Your focus is removed from what truly matters. If you're okay with sacrificing your pursuit, progress, and everything/everyone counting on you for some new "opportunity", so be it. But again, those who're focused and committed are not willing to sacrifice those things. Guess who will be standing at the end?



September 05, 2023 — Terrell Wallace

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