Cultivating resilience is simple. It’s difficult and a lifelong journey, but it’s simple.

Resistance only develops through experience.

Shitty, tough, and painful experience.

You go through these types of experiences, and they fucking suck. But you always get through them. And the reality is, you’re better because of them. Each negative experience you’ve gotten through has hardened you. With every future difficult experience, you’ll harden. And that thick, tough skin you develop is the armor of resilience.

As you level up in life, whether it be in your career, a sport, in education, etc, the bigger and more frequent the problems. The bigger and more frequent the problems, the greater the level of resilience is required to get through them, which is only developed by getting through hardship. So, for each new level you reach, you’ll be faced with a greater set of problems, because if not, you won’t be equipped to get to the next level.


An essential skill to develop is how to handle problems. Here’s how:

You have to be able to stay grounded and clear-minded when a problem arises. It’s a very difficult skill to obtain. Some naturally have it. Most don’t. Most make poor, emotionally-driven decisions and sabotage themselves. You have to be able to critically and logically think through the problem. You have to be able to accurately assess the root cause, and then effectively decide how to proceed given the newfound knowledge. This can be very complex. Upon being dealt a stressful situation, the mind goes a million miles per hour, and our natural response to be overwhelmed with negative emotions such as anger or frustration. I have to really work to be able to maintain a level head. I meditate daily to improve my ability to stay present, aware, and composed.

By doing this, you can now re-frame the experience. You’ve just gotten better. It multiple ways. It’s now very positive. It’s all about how you frame it.

Understand that hard times are inevitable. Do what’s necessary to develop the ability of composing yourself and your thoughts so you can find the root cause, create a solution, and re-frame the situation. Realize that every problem is truly meant to help you, so have that attitude.

- Derek, CEO


We asked IRONWILLED Athlete Adonis Grahovic what "Cultivating Resilience" means to him:

"Tough times create successful people. The ability to cultivate resilience is a necessary character trait for those on the path to greatness. Many people go through struggles and hardships throughout their lives and careers. Those who have the resilience and mental fortitude to make it through these struggles and use them as lessons and guidance rather than allow it to stop them are those who are worthy of success. Cultivating resilience to me is like the hardening of the skin. Creating almost a shield-like effect or bulletproof exterior to the challenges that life throws at you."


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July 31, 2023 — Terrell Wallace

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